We are moving away from the “RIBI” site ( ) for club information, to the new club site (

In particular, information that is private to the club members will be at Login details for each member have been sent out. Some members are experiencing difficulties logging in.

Your problem may be addressed by the content of this page, otherwise the best way to report user problems is via this link


Logging in and Forgotten User Name

Login details were sent to members on the 10th of January 2019. You may be able to look back at your email for that day. If you have forgotten your user name then most people’s user names are a capitalised initial letter version of their first name postfixed without space by their last initial, e.g. John Smith becomes JohnS . If this doesn’t work for you, report a problem as above. Put your user name is the box on the front page of as indicated by the red arrow below.

Logging in using the fields in the top right of this image

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password please forge on with the log-in process, entering either nothing in the password field, or any random characters. Press the Log-in button, and you will see a page as in the image below …

Click on “Lost your password” and follow the process. The website will send you an email that has a link for you to click on, that allows the password reset to happen. If nothing apparently happens then that email is probably in your spam folder.