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Filling rucksacks for the homeless

During the worst of the pandemic government action ensured that street homeless people had a roof over their head. But this was a one-off and homeless people are back on our streets this winter.

In response, St Albans Emmaus, supported by HACRO and Harpenden Village Rotary Club, are collecting survival basics to enable street homeless people to cope. These are packed into rucksacks to make them easy for people to carry.

Our club members have been collecting sleeping bags, thermal clothing, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, safety razors, soap and dry foods – and of course rucksacks – to pass to Emmaus in St Albans for distribution to those in need.

Pictured delivering a car-load are club members Val Beale and Hugh Lawrence with Duncan Lewis, CEO of Emmaus Hertfordshire.

Cooking Indian with Suheil

Club member Suheil Shahryar, working in his kitchen, gives his second demonstration of preparing and cooking an Indian meal. His Zoomed session allowed fellow club members and partners to cook along with him in their kitchens.

Suheil’s motivation is to show how easy it can be and to introduce varieties other than those served in Indian restaurants.

His meal this time was: Beef Keema Matar (minced beef with potatoes and green peas) accompanied by Masoor Dal (red split lentils), Sabzi (courgette with nigella seeds) and boiled basmati rice. This was followed by Mishti Doi (baked mango yogurt).

Ingredients not to be found in most members’ larders are readily available in Harpenden stores, except for the mango pulp which can be ordered online.